• An E-base is an open and creative learning space for the community(kids) to learn about environmental conservation and drive change through activism and ownership. E-base Kodagu aims to serve as a hub to empower children to become guardians of their natural heritage and address various local issues such as man-animal conflict prevalent in the area, protecting the Kaveri river, water conservation and native tree preservation. The E-base runs a Fellowship Program twice a year, bringing bright, young, motivated individuals to work with the children and build a curriculum on sustainability while imparting life skills to the kids.

  • Who We Are


    Robert Swan, OBE, established the first E-base in Antarctica in 2008. He is the first man to have  walked, unassisted, to both the North and the South Pole, and has served as the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Goodwill Ambassador. Since Antarctica, there have been three E-bases established in- Pench, Madhya Pradesh; Leh, Ladakh and Blue Ridge Mountains, USA; all with the common objective to educate and learn about global climate issues, while addressing the local sustainability challenges. E-base Kodagu in Karnataka is the 5th such E-base in the world, continuing the legacy of Sir Robert Swan. 


    An epitome of sustainability, E-base Kodagu is being established at Titimati Ashram School, a residential government school for tribal children. With a strength of 250 children and a potential to reach out to over 500 children in the neighborhood, it gives the Fellow a multi-dimensional canvas to teach and explore. Nestled in the lush western ghats, surrounded by coffee plantations, elephant corridors and forests alike, Titimati is not far from the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. A green and resilient building, made of clay bricks, local stones, Mangalore tiles and locally woven bamboo, the E-base is an embodiment of responsible and sustainable living. It integrates rainwater harvesting technology, organic farming, and clean energy.

  • The Fellowship

    The E-base Fellowship is a 5-month program which places the Fellow at a local tribal Ashram School, enabling the Fellow to understand and internalize the grassroots level challenges pertaining to development, education, man-animal conflicts, local governance, forests etc. The Fellow will have a fixed budget to procure resources deemed necessary for conducting the sessions. However, the Fellow is expected to innovate and work frugally to optimize available resources.

  • What It Takes


    • Goal oriented and driven to produce tangible results
    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Adaptable & independent to work in unstructured environments with minimal supervision
    • Ability to establish, build and maintain inclusive partnerships with a diverse set of stakeholders
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
    • Personal accountability and self belief to create the high impact you envision
    • Familiarity and classroom experience with the concepts of Activity/Project-Based Learning and Experiential Learning


    • A prominent social media presence or experience in managing Facebook pages, handling Twitter accounts or Blogging for websites.
    • Working knowledge of the local language Kannada (speaking only) preferred
    • Have worked with multiple age groups- children and teens (K-10)
    • Love for nature, animals and the environment 


    E-Base Kodagu is different from a traditional classroom as it encourages practical hands-on learning, identifies and hones each child’s unique talents, appreciates the science in nature, serves as an open forum for discussions where critical thinking is rewarded and most of all- makes learning FUN! 


    Some of the RULES at the E-base include: ask as many questions as possible, collaboration is better than competition, make and play with paper planes as long as you recycle the same, marks don’t define you… As a fellow you get to make up more such rules as you go along.

  • Work With Us

    As not just a teacher but a mentor and a role model for 250 kids who are eager to learn with you. As a ‘window to the world’ for the students and create multiple such windows with the help of internet, storytelling, and digital tools. Embrace the sustainable lifestyle you preach in the classroom as you live a minimalistic lifestyle and share their world.


    • Create lesson plans and map curriculum on daily, weekly and monthly basis, starting pre-fellowship   
    • Ensure daily working of the E-Base by identifying key topics from regular school curriculum that can enhance learning in a visual environment at the E-Base 
    • Work on improving spoken English skills and facilitate smooth transition from local language learning medium to English with the use of multimedia, Tech and language learning tools 
    • Conceptualize, design and execute at least one project/competition/event per grade of students, highlighting the value addition of the E-Base, inviting local/(potentially) capital-city schools at the E-Base to promote awareness around sustainability and local challenges 
    • Build and add resources at E-Base by recommending/procuring latest self-study material on key topics from the curriculum
    • Conduct baseline assessments and build processes to measure Qualitative and Quantitative impact for all projects, programs and activities and all students 
    • Circulate a weekly report on progress made and biweekly connect over Skype to the Core team 
  • Unique Benefits

    Apart from living in a paradise hill station?


    • Warm food and accommodation will be provided 
    • A stipend of INR 15,000/- will be provided 
    • Access to the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve for student field trips and a possible visit to other biodiversity hotspots in the area  


    • An opportunity to positively contribute to the world's social and environmental growth while ensuring personal development
    • As the second fellow of the E-base you will have the freedom and flexibility to implement your ideas and pick up entrepreneurial skills in the process in 
    • A huge learning as you will get to take complete ownership of the projects you implement, build a foundation based on the core values of the E-base and exercise autonomy over maintaining the E-base physical space and it's social media accounts
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    Click Here to Apply

    Application Deadline: 23rd March 2017

    Fellowship Start date: 1st June 2017

    Also, send in your resume to aaratirao90@gmail.com and CC: charulata73@gmail.com

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